A nice Shanghai Restaurant – finally

So this has not exactly been a foodie vacation. When stuck at school I’ve been dining on cafeteria cuisine:

When I start to panic about not having a job, I dine at places like this:

And because I love noodle shops that display pictures on their walls (thus making ordering a non-verbal task), I often go to this place:

However, my dining experience went decidedly upscale one night. I met my friend Sue after she finished her workday an we went to Pichon I can be a tad of a picky eater, especially in China (my travel downfall), but at PichonI loved everything that was put on the table. After our three hour dinner I was full and satisfied for the first time in weeks. Our appetizers were slices of beef and duck meat. For main dishes we shared a crab/sticky rice/scallions/garlic dish. It was good, but I suck at eating crab. I first tried using my chopsticks. That didn’t work. Then I tried one hand and one chopstick. Still a no go. Two hands was the only combination that ensured the food actually got to my mouth. The wait staff must had been watching me and cringing because they brought over silverware. I waved them off and soldiered on sans fork.

In addition to the crab, Sue and I each also got a dish of Dong Po beef. Dong Po was a famous poet who apparently made his beef in a tasty fashion that this restaurant emulates. Sue reports that she gets it every time she comes here. I would too. It was fatty and juicy and other things that vegetarians hate. And delicious, of course.

The restaurant is about a five minute walk from the Bund. Take Nanjing road west from the Bund (as east would have you swimming in the Huangpo  river) and turn left on Sichuan road. After about a five minute walk, Pichon will be on your left. If you hit Fuzhou Road, you’ve gone too far. Back up about five steps. The menu is in both Chinese and English, which would be handy if you don’t have Sue with you. Prices are moderate. The DongPo beef was about 50 RMB (about $8) but the crab dish was three times as much.

3 thoughts on “A nice Shanghai Restaurant – finally”

  1. I might just have weird tastes, but the best food I have eaten has come from street vendors and hole-in-the-wall restaurants here in China. I was watching all the sucker tourists in Beijing dishing out 200-300 kuai to try Peking Duck while I’m chilling out eating baozi and drinking beer in a dinky off-road place for less than 10 kuai and having a much better time.

  2. This is true. I like playing with kids and holding babies while moms and dads make food for me – that never happens at a Peking Duck place! Still, it’s nice to go out every ONCE in a while. How long are you in China for?

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