On career day in preschool, Jenna showed up with a pencil, a math worksheet she didn’t understand, and a little tub of cookie dough. She announced that she wanted to be a teacher, a writer, and a baker. Then she spent the rest of the day snacking on cookie dough.

Today, Jenna teaches high school, writes novels and magazine articles, and has never once gotten sick from eating raw cookie dough.

Jenna grew up north of Seattle where she and her best friend outlined novels during sleepovers. After college, Jenna moved to Las Vegas to begin her teaching career (Job interview script: Principal: Do you really want to move to Las Vegas? Jenna: Yes. Principal: You are hired) After five years of Las Vegas craziness, she started looking for a new place to live. A summer in China and a fall of driving around the USA commenced (with that same best friend. They spent a few nights editing a novel but spent way more nights playing football bingo and going on haunted pub crawls). At some point, Jenna went to the best baseball game of her life in Denver. Clearly, she needed to stay in Colorado.



After a year and a half of Rockies baseball and teaching high freshman, Jenna moved back to the Seattle area with a baby in tow. A husband, another baby, and another high school teaching job soon found her.

Now, Jenna teaches sophomores about revolutions, teaches teachers about the Berlin Conference, freelances for magazines like ParentMAP and Western Arts and Architecture, runs the occasional marathon, keeps score at minor league baseball games, makes Lego princess castles with her family, and writes YA novels.