I’m a teacher, writer, wife, and mom of toddlers.

As such, I love…

  • Teaching people about the Haitian Revolution and the Berlin Conference
  • My students. All teenagers, really.
  • Reading books I wish I’d written…can we talk about how amazing Candace Fleming is?!?
  • Writing 50,000 words in November and 10 words in December (Just kidding perspective editors! I totally write 1,167 words every day. All year round.)
  • Family stuff: Zoos and fishing and hiking and watching baseball and taking naps
  • Running. Well, as much as anyone can love running.
  • This guy and these girls


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  • elbodans

    Wow–we’re almost the same person. I live in between Philly and NYC and after June 20th (one month from today) I’ll ALSO be ‘who knows what’! And I can’t wait!

    Though I am jealous of your great friends to travel with. I don’t have that. Consider yourself very lucky!!!

  • elbodans

    Edit–there should have been a ‘though’ before ‘I live…’ as clearly we are from different parts of the country.

  • Hey Tracy – Glad to know I’m not the only one quitting an awesome job to wander around for awhile! I’ll be headed up to New England this fall, I think. As soon as I get around to creating a blogroll (on my to-do list for two weeks now…) I’ll link your sites – they’re full of good stuff!

  • rynerth

    Hello,mrs.moore i am glad you are having a worderful time traveling. even though i will miss you at school i wish you follow your desires of traveling.ohhhh and before i say good bye i need to tell you that i made an error giving you the adress in the permission slip that my parents sighned because the postal code is not 89106,but its 89107.good luck…

  • elbodans

    Gee–it took me long enough to find this reply. Sorry! Anyway–where in New England? We will be driving up the Maine coast into Maritime Canada in July/August. I wonder if our paths will cross???

  • I’ll hopefully be in New Hampshire in the fall. I’ve wanted to see the leaves for years, but have always been teaching. Not a problem this year! I hope you’re having fun in Maine and Nova Scotia. I’m in 110 degree Tucson now – ugh. Good decision to skip the southwest this summer.

  • Thanks Rynerth – No problem about the zip code, I’ll fix it. And thanks again for the picture. It looks good online! Tell your sister I said “hi,” and I hope you are both having a great summer 🙂

  • What a wonderful time of the year to see New England! I hope you have a fantastic trip!

    Funny the things you don’t realize you are giving up becoming a teacher–like fall leaves! And low airfare, which is what I’m mostly looking forward to! I found a NYC to London fare for $380 this past April, and of course I couldn’t go. But like you, it won’t be a problem for me next school year!!!

    Hope you are keeping cool.

  • Always good to read about a fellow runner and traveler. Join me for a jog in San Francisco if you’re ever on the west coast

  • Scott

    Hi Jenna,

    Do you have a contact email re:advertising? (No need to publish this comment)



  • Beth

    I read a post that you are moving to Golden. I’m heading that way next week for a half marathon. Any suggestions where to stay in Golden or near Arvada? Looking for something clean, safe location, and affordable.


  • I haven’t stayed anywhere here yet, but the Golden Hotel is really nice and centrally located…a bit on the pricey side though. Anywhere in the Golden/Arvada area should be pretty safe. Good luck on the 1/2 – Hopefully I’ll be running it next year.

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