I’m a teacher, writer, wife, and mom of toddlers.

As such, I love…

  • Teaching people about the Haitian Revolution and the Berlin Conference
  • My students. All teenagers, really.
  • Reading books I wish I’d written…can we talk about how amazing Candace Fleming is?!?
  • Writing 50,000 words in November and 10 words in December (Just kidding perspective editors! I totally write 1,167 words every day. All year round.)
  • Family stuff: Zoos and fishing and hiking and watching baseball and taking naps
  • Running. Well, as much as anyone can love running.
  • This guy and these girls


13 thoughts on “About”

  1. Wow–we’re almost the same person. I live in between Philly and NYC and after June 20th (one month from today) I’ll ALSO be ‘who knows what’! And I can’t wait!

    Though I am jealous of your great friends to travel with. I don’t have that. Consider yourself very lucky!!!

  2. Edit–there should have been a ‘though’ before ‘I live…’ as clearly we are from different parts of the country.

  3. Hey Tracy – Glad to know I’m not the only one quitting an awesome job to wander around for awhile! I’ll be headed up to New England this fall, I think. As soon as I get around to creating a blogroll (on my to-do list for two weeks now…) I’ll link your sites – they’re full of good stuff!

  4. Hello,mrs.moore i am glad you are having a worderful time traveling. even though i will miss you at school i wish you follow your desires of traveling.ohhhh and before i say good bye i need to tell you that i made an error giving you the adress in the permission slip that my parents sighned because the postal code is not 89106,but its 89107.good luck…

  5. Gee–it took me long enough to find this reply. Sorry! Anyway–where in New England? We will be driving up the Maine coast into Maritime Canada in July/August. I wonder if our paths will cross???

  6. I’ll hopefully be in New Hampshire in the fall. I’ve wanted to see the leaves for years, but have always been teaching. Not a problem this year! I hope you’re having fun in Maine and Nova Scotia. I’m in 110 degree Tucson now – ugh. Good decision to skip the southwest this summer.

  7. Thanks Rynerth – No problem about the zip code, I’ll fix it. And thanks again for the picture. It looks good online! Tell your sister I said “hi,” and I hope you are both having a great summer 🙂

  8. What a wonderful time of the year to see New England! I hope you have a fantastic trip!

    Funny the things you don’t realize you are giving up becoming a teacher–like fall leaves! And low airfare, which is what I’m mostly looking forward to! I found a NYC to London fare for $380 this past April, and of course I couldn’t go. But like you, it won’t be a problem for me next school year!!!

    Hope you are keeping cool.

  9. Hi Jenna,

    Do you have a contact email re:advertising? (No need to publish this comment)



  10. I read a post that you are moving to Golden. I’m heading that way next week for a half marathon. Any suggestions where to stay in Golden or near Arvada? Looking for something clean, safe location, and affordable.


  11. I haven’t stayed anywhere here yet, but the Golden Hotel is really nice and centrally located…a bit on the pricey side though. Anywhere in the Golden/Arvada area should be pretty safe. Good luck on the 1/2 – Hopefully I’ll be running it next year.

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