All the Sno-Isle Libraries: Stanwood

In order to keep myself entertained until baseball season and my kids entertained until playground weather returns, we’re planning on going on little micro adventures, each other that includes a visit to a library. The hope is to hit all 22 libraries in the Sno-Isle system before the first day of Spring.

A few days ago our first trek took us to Stanwood. We arrived on a dark and stormy night…

But the library was warm and cozy

Then the rain and wind tapered off (a little bit) and we took in the last of the Christmas Lights at Warm Beach, just south of Stanwood. This is something you definitely want to do on a cold weeknight after Christmas because there were no lines anywhere. We hopped on the train three times, did pony rides, participated in story time, gave Rudolph and Frosty hugs, listened in a brass band and sipped hot chocolate. Good stuff.

Looking forward to a lot of reading in 2018

Jenna Vandenberg

Teacher, writer, runner, mom and wife.