Happy Crabbing Season!

Last year my husband decided to try out crabbing. After seven minutes of YouTube videos and a trip to Cabela’s, he was a pro.

We spent the summer trying out different docks and beaches. The four of us all had different ideas of what made a good crabbing location, as this handy chart shows:

  Jason: Likelihood of crabs crawling into his crab pot Me: Scenery and seeing new places Aubrey: Playground or other source of entertainment Henley: Ice Cream
Edmonds dock Very few. But it was crowded and late in the season. Although the scenery from the actual dock isn’t anything to blog about, the town of Edmonds is adorable Yes, but about a ½ mile walk away. Bring a stroller. There is also a sandy beach between the old and new ferry docks. Yup, near the old ferry dock
Mukilteo dock Lots of little crabs, but no keepers Meh. It’s a nice view, but one you can see from basically anywhere. A brand new playground, on the beach, about a quarter mile away from the docks.

Oh yeah.Ice Cream

Illahee State Park


Nice looking place. And extra points for the ferry ride. Nope. And the beach wasn’t that great for sandcastles either. No food anywhere.
Penrose Point State Park Tons! Remote and pretty

No, but shallow water is fun too, especially in a white dress.Low tide in a white dress

No. I brought cookies though.
Kayak Point Very few. Crowded and late in the season.Crabbing Crowds We saw whales and seals here, so bonus points. Yes!! Huge playground. Unfortunately Aubrey had skinned her knew earlier in the day and was being super dramatic about it, at times refusing to walk. None. I hear that ice cream trucks sometimes frequent the area, but no luck when we were there
Birch Bay State Park in Blaine Who knows? We booked a campsite here only to have crabbing season pushed back. Also, there is no dock. Gorgeous. The background photo of this very website was taken here. No, but turning over rocks at the beach to find sand crabs and camping was so fun, who needs a playground?Finding Sand Crabs Nada. S’mores were a hit though.


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