Job Qualifications: Ragnarian

Job Details: Passionate and slightly crazed individuals are needed to run 200ish miles with eleven friends.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Minimum ability to be able to run a 10K (or, ahem, slightly more) three times in a 24hour-ish period. Or at least be delusional enough to believe that you will possess that ability before race day
  • Advanced mathematics degree with an emphasis in mileage calculation and pacing charts. Also, be able to quickly adapt spreadsheets  DSC_0310
  • Proficient with all the things involving a hashtag
  • Strong slap bracelet hand-off skills The handoff
  • Ability to travel quickly between drop-off points. This may involve navigating crowded parking lots in the dark, pulling U-turns alongside farmlands, and fielding requests from teammates to turn the music up or find a better song.
  • Own a reflective vest and headlampNight running
  • Experience sleeping in weird locations during odd hours. The ability to function/run on no sleep at all is an acceptable alternative. Bring your own blanket Blanket
  • Strong interpersonal skills. If you don’t immediately love everyone you meet, this is not the job for you.Ragnar Love

Desired Qualifications

  • Be a local…Local!…so your van-mates can sleep at your house/friend’s cabin…
    Cabin…instead of on a gym floor.
    Gym floor
  • Also, please cook luau food for your team the night beforeFood
  • Artistic skills in the van-decorating department Ragnar Van
  • Be really, really fast. This will improve not only your team’s overall time, but more importantly contribute to your road-kill tally.Carlos
  • The ability to pull of this look: Yes, he ran in that

You Need Not Apply if…

  • Cleanliness and hygiene are important to you
  • You are scared of the dark
  • You need any of the following things to fall asleep: A quiet space, a one-hour chunk of time, a glass of wine, a bed.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

  • You will be able to eat Doritos for breakfast and not feel guilty about it. Breakfast


  • You’ll actually need to pay over a thousand dollars per team. Also factor in expenses for van rentals, team outfits, magnets, $85 Ragnar-brand sweatpants, and gas money. Good luck with that.

Retirement Benefits

  • Whatever these medals are worth at the age you plan on retiring.Medals

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Jenna Vandenberg

Teacher, writer, runner, mom and wife.