The Boulder Creek Festival

It was pretty crowded. Be prepared to be run over by multiple strollers and dancing hippies.

But fun! The Boulder Creek Festival has several performance tents, a farmers market, rides, a rock wall, craft and clothing booths, and at least three gyro stands. After buying your fill of jeweled earrings, tie-died onesies, and cloth purses, grab lunch and people watch down by the creek.



The best part was a guy in the creek making seemingly impossible rock formations.

The Boulder Creek Festival is held annually over Memorial Day weekend on Canyon between 15th and 9th. There is free (!) parking off Canyon Street, although you may have a bit of a trek from your car to the event. If you are reading this on the day I posted it and are going tomorrow, get there early to cheer on the Boulder Boulder 10 K runners, or at 4 to participate in the Rubber Ducky race down the creek.

Boulder Creek Festival, Rock Formations

Jenna Vandenberg

Teacher, writer, runner, mom and wife.


  • Hello,
    We seek your permission to include one of your photos of the Boulder Creek festival in an exhibit about Boulder Creek Park for the National Park Service. It is the image above labeled “down by the creek.” The photo would be included in an interactive touchscreen exhibit, at an NPS site. The overall exhibit is about how Boulder Creek Park has changed over time from Frederick Law Omsted, Jr.’s original concept.

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