The Monroe Library and Eating Tacos

I can’t make fun of Monroe because I got mad when President Trump called Haiti a shithole country. Although I’m not the president, I figure I’d better not make fun of places while also being mad at presidents who make fun of places. Therefore, Monroe is NOT just one of the pass-through towns that people have to suffer through as they are stuck in traffic after a day skiing or hiking. It is NOT “The New Jersey of Highway 2” as the Seattle Times suggested. (Although I like New Jersey!)

So yay Monroe!! Also, my best friend lives there so I have to like it, even if she doesn’t.

But I’m not just being nice when I say that I love the Monroe Library. It’s the best part of Monroe. It backs up against a wooded area which the architects took full advantage of by covering the library’s backside with windows. The whole place has an open-floor-plan going, which looks really nice, but I’m not sure how practical it is because the non-library voices of children tend to reverberate throughout the whole place. My kids were pretty absorbed with the bins and piles of toys, so they weren’t too noisy.

The high school teacher in me also loves that the YA book sections is as far away from the children’s section as you can get and has a politely worded “no adults allowed” sign. Teenagers have so few spaces that are their own, and I love that the library is giving them one.

When my kids got bored (and therefore) loud, we checked out our pile of books and headed to the taco truck on the end of Main Street. Then I doubled back towards the library so they could run around at the park next to Skykomish River and I could eat my tacos.

Jenna Vandenberg

Teacher, writer, runner, mom and wife.