The Past Two Years, the Best Two Years

It’s been two years since my last blog post. On a totally related note, I met my husband two years ago. As much as I loved blogging, I loved our baseball games, trivia nights, and pancake weekends even more. After those first few falling-in-love months, I figured that I’d return to writing soon. After all, love and blogging go well together. But other things quickly took precedence over blogging, like… 

…this (yes, again!)

Baby Girl

and this,

Wedding ring

and buying this,

New House
New House

…to make room for these two,


and celebrating everything with a wedding in St. Lucia.


So these two years have been the BEST two years, but they have not been blogged about. I miss how blogging encouraged me to seek out little adventures and take more pictures. I miss having an in-the-moment record of life. I miss writing for me. So I’m back to blogging. I’ll still be running through this world, just now with a double jogging stroller.

Jenna Vandenberg

Teacher, writer, runner, mom and wife.